• INXS, 1984. Courtesy Warner Music. NFSA title: 469289


    The NFSA acquires the first consignment of a major sound recording collection of INXS material.

    A new Indigenous unit is created to oversee development of the NFSA’s Indigenous audiovisual collection.

    Australian Film Commission merger

    The federal government merges the NFSA with the Australian Film Commission from 1 July. An estimated 800 people attend two ‘Save ScreenSound’ rallies in Canberra, which attract wide media attention, and stakeholder groups lobby for NFSA statutory autonomy. The following year, the ScreenSound brand is dropped and the name returns to National Film and Sound Archive.

    The NFSA’s still image preservation services switch from analogue preservation processing to digital formats.

  • Big Screen

    Big Screen commences touring Australian films to regional centres in 2001.

    • Extension to NFSA building in progress, 1998

    A bigger building

    Major extensions to the NFSA building are opened in June by Prime Minister John Howard.

  • Radio with Pictures

    The Radio with Pictures interview project commences. It includes filmed oral histories with prominent media personalities such as Bruce Gyngell AO.

  • The Australian Jazz Archive

    The NFSA establishes the Australian Jazz Archive in partnership with the jazz musicians’ community to build a national collection of recordings and other jazz materials.

    Regional archives association formed

    The NFSA is instrumental to the formal establishment of the South East Asia-Pacific Audio Visual Archives Association (SEAPAVAA) in Manila, Philippines in February 1996.

    • Model of proposed NFSA building extensions

      Model of proposed NFSA building extensions, 1994. NFSA title: 354203

    An extension for the NFSA

    The NFSA is quickly outgrowing its current available space and an extension to the heritage building is announced.

    Ron Brent is appointed as the new NFSA Director.

    • Logo courtesy of IASA

    IASA at NFSA

    NFSA hosts the 24th International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives conference – the first to be held in the southern hemisphere.

  • Dealing with disaster

    Graham Gilmour, the NFSA’s first permanent director, talks about the circumstances that led to colour film in the NFSA’s care being damaged and the action taken in response.

    • Take 88 poster. NFSA title: 498331

    Take 88

    The NFSA launches Take 88, a nationwide travelling exhibition, to commemorate the bicentenary of the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788.

    • The Last Film Search NFSA brochure

    The Last Film Search

    The Last Film Search unearths over 600 kilometres of nitrate film in five years.

    • Time in Our Hands

    Time in Our Hands

    The NFSA Advisory Committee releases Time in Our Hands, a blueprint for the NFSA’s future.

  • Acknowledgements

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