In the news: Operation Newsreel

Operation Newsreel is a $4 million project to preserve and document 4,000 newsreels in the Cinesound Movietone Australian Newsreel Collection (1929 to 1975). The project is government funded and privately sponsored by Twentieth Century Fox, Greater Union and News Corporation.

In the days before television, cinema newsreels were an important source of news and current affairs and formed an integral part of the cinema program. They cover significant events in Australian social, cultural and political history.

Cinesound Movietone Australian Newsreels on australianscreen

Ken G Hall, Rupert Murdoch and Prime Minister Bob Hawke launching Operation Newsreel (1989)494977

Ken G Hall, Rupert Murdoch and Prime Minister Bob Hawke launch Operation Newsreel, 1989. NFSA title: 494977

Still image from film frame_565003

Still from Cinesound Review credits. NFSA title: 565003








Movietone News film still_348479

Movietone News film still. NFSA title: 348479

Fox Movietone cameraman_359055

Fox Movietone cameraman. NFSA title: 359055

Movietone staff 1935_FULL CAPTION ON WORD DOC_351319

Movietone News crew, 1935. On truck: Wally Bird, Bill Trerise, Ross Wood. Standing (l-r): Syd Wood, Hugh McInnes, Jim Pearson, Wally Sully, H Guinness, Colin Hall, Eric Bierre, Kel Vaughn and Ted Martin. NFSA title: 351319

Cinesound Productions Studio_348514

Cinesound Productions Studio. NFSA title: 348514