NFSA Restores: Australia Daze

Excerpt from the documentary ‘Australia Daze’ (Pat Fiske, 1988). NFSA title: 43660.

From midnight to midnight on 26 January 1988 28 film crews spread out across the country to ask people for their reflections on the Australian bicentenary, contemporary Australia and our history.

The NFSA restoration of Australia Daze screens around Australia on 26 and 27 January 2021.



In April STORYBOX opens in Darling Harbour, Sydney taking up residency outside The Exchange building. STORYBOX is a bespoke 2m-squared digital cube featuring curated digital archives, artworks, animations, community stories, short films and more.


The Dressmaker opens in Tamworth

Costumes from ‘The Dressmaker’ exhibition.

Following its success in Canberra, the NFSA tours The Dressmaker Costume Exhibition.

The first venue is Tamworth, NSW, where the exhibition is on display at the Tamworth Regional Gallery from 22 May until 25 July 2021.


Twelve Canoes relaunched

Excerpt from ‘Twelve Canoes’.

The NFSA has recently relaunched the Twelve Canoes website in collaboration with the site’s creators and owners.

The Twelve Canoes website showcases 12 short, linked audiovisual pieces, plus extras, that together paint a compelling portrait of the history, culture and place of the Yolngu people.